"So Cosmo" promo shot.

That’s a wrap on “So Cosmo.”

The season finale of the seven-episode reality show about Cosmopolitan magazine, which premiered in early February on E!, aired on Wednesday night.

The series was meant as a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the stressful but glamorous lives of the editorial staff — and the supporting staff whose main job is being on the show, not working at the magazine — as they go to parties, drink green juice while waiting for the elevator, talk about relationships, host shirtless men in the office and generally try to put out a magazine.

Editor in chief Joanna Coles was originally going to be a major part of that, but when she got promoted to chief content officer at Hearst, the show worked Coles’ handing the reigns over to her successor Michele Promaulayko into the plot. Considering that Coles is still hanging around Hearst, she remained a prominent part of the show and figured heavily in the final installment.

“It’s a bit of a tease — before her promotion, Joanna planned to be a major part of ‘So Cosmo,’ so it’s a little sad to see how much of her wisdom — and, more importantly, her hilarity — we missed out on all season,” a recap of the episode on Cosmopolitan’s web site concluded. “Still, it’s exciting to have her back for a while and to hear her vision for Hearst and Cosmopolitan.”

And it wasn’t just the magazine’s web site that breathlessly covered “So Cosmo.” Cosmopolitan magazine went all in on its effort to publicize the series — including ads, spreads and stories for the show, which in turn, served as a vehicle to promote the magazine.

But after all that, how did Hearst’s foray into prime time reality do? For a new show, it did so-so. “So Cosmo” averaged 190,000 viewers, according to Nielsen data. Compare that to E!’s average prime time viewership of 392,000, which includes established shows such as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and the number doesn’t look that bad.

Will the cast of “So Cosmo” join the Kardashians on the cover of magazines like Cosmo? It may be too soon to tell. As of right now, there has been no announcement about whether the series will get a second season, according to a spokeswoman for E!

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