THE REAL GIRL: Getting a celebrity to wear a designer’s gown on the red carpet can take quite some p.r. maneuvering. As far as Aliza Licht, Donna Karan International’s senior vice president of global communications and popular DKNYPRGIRL, is concerned, it “should be a competitive sport.” Speaking at TEDx Times Square, an independently-organized TED event at The New York Times building Wednesday, Licht recalled a big red-carpet affair when a celebrity, slated to wear Donna Karan, decided against the dress at the last minute. And so, rather than sulk or be upset, DKNYPRGIRL decided to tweet the picture of the dress that wasn’t worn from the comfort of her own home. “I usually have a little red-carpet party,” she said. “My outfit is the chicest pair of pajamas you’ve seen because I host it on Twitter from my couch.” The tweet got 2,264 views in just a few minutes, and many supportive comments about how the celebrity should have stuck to her original choice.

Licht also touched on her seemingly disparate personas — the Upper East Side mom of two and the tweeting downtown DKNYPRGIRL — and how she eventually stepped out from under the veil with a video documenting her work as the high-flying p.r. executive during fashion week. People who were familiar with the tone of DKNYPRGIRL’s tweets immediately related it to the real thing. “It didn’t matter,” Licht recalled.

This story first appeared in the April 11, 2013 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.