WWD’s week in quotes, culled from stories that ran the week of January 20 to January 24.


• “It would be great to meet Kim Kardashian —  I’ve never met her and she’s been looking insane lately. She looks amazing. I went to this woman to see if I could get my hair done blonde, but she said it was impossible. I literally cried. All I want is Kim K. hair.” —  Hannah Bronfman

• “It is a big math puzzle and the math suggests that it is tilting in our favor.” — Bill Simon, chief executive officer and president of Wal-Mart U.S.

• “For me, couture is the kingdom of imagination, creativity and experimentation, and this is how I approach it. I do, however, remain pragmatic and realistic.” — Giorgio Armani

• “Does she have a Twitter? I want to follow her.” — Chloe Moretz on “girl crush” Amy Adams.

• “I’ve had a bad education in fashion,” he admitted. “I learned fashion on Style.com.” — Kanye West.

• “Some forms of American folk, particularly quilts, are found in fashion history and many designers have used quilting techniques and patchworking in their collections.” — Alexis Carreno, guest curator for the American Folk Art Museum’s “Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art” exhibition.

• “That’s a bit of a secret but I’ll be shooting a video soon, yes. I’m always working on something.” — Lady Gaga front row at Versace.

• “I am trying not to care as much, not being concerned about being judged. That is the stage I am at right now.” — Chloë Sevigny.

• “If it was all about the engagement, in the end we would suggest just posting pictures of puppies. But that doesn’t sell.” — Pau Sabria, Olapic cofounder, on Instagram.

• “People don’t come to Facebook to shop; we aren’t a shopping place. They come because we’re your personal newspaper.” — Nicolas Franchet, head of retail and e-commerce at Facebook.

• “Marigay, who was very comfortable in this nice little shop in London, said, ‘I’m happy to come across the pond but’ — just like her friend Anna — ‘you’d better make sure you put aside at least $1 billion for me to do a little fixer-upper at the new business there.’” — Richard Baker,  chairman and chief executive officer of Hudson’s Bay Co.,  on luring Marigay McKee to Saks.

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