“This is a small payback to the public, and to our employees.” — Bernard Arnault on the upcoming Foundation Louis Vuitton museum outside Paris, designed by Frank Gehry.

“It’s not a moment for crazy.” — Miuccia Prada on her spring men’s collection.

“I think it’s important to come to expect what you don’t expect. Don’t get into a formula — you’ve got to be very instinctive. And it wasn’t an age thing — [using sixtysomething actress Jessica Lange in cosmetics ads] — it was me trusting my instincts about beauty in all forms. That is how we operate. And I’d hate for it to be contrived.” — Marc Jacobs

“It’s Koons time. He’s king right now.” — China Chow on Jeff Koons.

“All I can say is that I work extremely hard and ‘sleeping’ is proof that sometimes I work too hard. I apologize for being so ambitious.” — Cara Delevingne, in response to a Vogue article that accused the model of oversleeping.

“It’s kind of fun to just start sweating in the first couple songs. I feel good in a gross-but-good way. It’s like, ‘Uh — I’m feeling it.” — Emily Armstrong

“It’s just something that has been talked about. I don’t really care. I’ll still eat a cookie.” — Jessica Simpson on media attention on her weight.

“When I entered the cosmetic industry, it was a business run by men for women. That didn’t work. Estee Lauder was founded by a woman, and we made an effort to hire women, women, women. And that, I believe, is the root of our success.” — Leonard Lauder

“Darling, I don’t remember how many dresses [by Gustave Tassell] I owned. Most of the good ones I gave away when I cleaned out my closet, but there were many.” — Betsy Bloomingdale, on the designer Gustave Tassell, who died at age 88.

“I was really worried because photographing another photographer, especially one that you admired, is really scary. I was thinking, ‘What’s he going to think? He’s probably going to think I am a hack.’ He was just very sweet and curious about my work. He just said, ‘Where do you want me?'” — Jeannette Montgomery Barron, on photographing Robert Mapplethorpe.

“It was all very impromptu. If we had had 1,000 fittings, it probably wouldn’t have turned out so well.” — Carmen Marc Valvo, on dressing Katie Couric for her wedding.

“People are just ready for an experience that is fully focused on shopping. They have been frustrated with not being able to shop on Pinterest or Instagram.” — Wanelo founder Deena Varshavaskaya

“There is something at the core of the American Apparel brand that is slightly transgressive. That is not to everybody’s taste — and sometimes it’s not to my personal taste — but it’s what the company is and we’re not going to change.” — Allan Mayer, cochairman of American Apparel, in the wake of ousting controversial ceo Dov Charney.

“The changes were forced upon them, but they are realistic enough to know that you can’t keep making death traps and sending people to work.” — Congressman George Miller, on the new scrutiny of Bangladesh apparel factories.

“The collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream denim wardrobe, which, as ever, is predominantly inspired by a late Sixties, early Seventies aesthetic,” — Alexa Chung on her new denim collaboration with AG Adriano Goldschmied.

“Milan is getting its mojo back.” — Eric Jennings, Saks Fifth Avenue

“Ralph wears a racy swimsuit. Together they [Ralph and Ricky Lauren] are the size of my leg. I’m in swim trunks down to here like a Victorian lady.” — Michael Kors, on meeting the Laurens while vacationing at the beach.

“If you don’t have vision, you don’t have a business.” — Natalie Massenet, Net-a-Porter

“My politics are very separate from the show. I mean, Olivia Pope works for a Republican.” — ‘Scandal’s’ Kerry Washington.

“A lot of people talk about how there will be rising consumption in China. This could be right, but for us, it is way too generalized. I think the most interesting opportunity for us is the lifestyle change of the Chinese consumer.” — Patrick Shone, Fosun Group, China’s largest privately held conglomerate.

“It is not at all believable that the designers, once made aware of the project [to avoid Italian taxes], could feel they were operating legally.” — Comment from the judges explaining the guilty verdict in the Dolce and Gabbana tax trial.

“It’s finally possible to make a powerful computer small enough to wear comfortably on your body all day long. People will be wearing these small, powerful devices, so style is important.” — David Singleton, Google’s engineering director.

“The single most important aspect of your successful leadership is having really big ears and a really small mouth.” — William Lauder

“I think I would have taken a computer science class, to be completely honest. That’s a big hole as I think about leadership and my knowledge.” — Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal, when asked how he might have approached college differently.

“Party selling is an extension of the broadening social marketing platform that has expanded through the use of digital.” — Wendy Liebmann, WSL Strategic Retail, on the the home shopping party trend in beauty.

“People ask me all the time where I find my inspiration. My inspiration is from everyday life. I want women to look right for the moment.” — Carolina Herrera

“This is our main women’s collection, and If I didn’t think he could deliver, I wouldn’t risk it. It’s nor for PR, but he’s a celebrity and I fully expect to get plenty of coverage and creative traffic. But this is a business decision.” — Claudio Del Vecchio on hiring Zac Posen to oversee Brooks Brothers’ women’s collection.

“Where there’s movement, there’s an antimovement. And when something goes wrong, new opportunities arise. I like it.” — Anita Tillmann, founder of the Premium show in Berlin.

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