“I have to thank Air China because they understood me and had patience and gave me support. I also need to thank all the travelers who sat beside me and didn’t complain to the cabin crew.”
— Li Bingbing on having her hair and makeup done in first class during her flight to New York before the N.Y. premiere of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

“Our motto is, ‘You can do whatever you want in this company and you can grow very quickly.’” — Vince Camuto.

’’As far as I am concerned, 59th Street is a mall…It is a store, but it’s a mall. It just happens to be under the name Bloomingdale’s.” — Michael Gould at Fashion Group International’s “Tastemakers” breakfast.

“Well, I said to Barack, ‘I’m glad you didn’t take Michelle to see ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ or that would have been cursed.’” — Spike Lee.

“The designer customer will buy the best, most special pieces year-round regardless of when they deliver.”  — Jeffrey Kalinsky, vice president and designer fashion director at Nordstrom.

“Men are pretty stable, even if they’re in fashion.” — Alber Elbaz on Lanvin’s Men’s Spring 2015 collection.

“Where there is demand, there is room for more players.” — Don Chang, founder and chief executive officer Forever 21.

“The focus, might seem somber, and, of course, the content is necessarily serious, but I think people will leave astonished by the range of how fashion insinuates itself into all of this.” — Harold Koda, curator Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on the exhibition, “A Century of Mourning Attire,” opening this fall.

“I’ve worn so many different designers and I know what works, what kind of clothes work to cover a woman’s body and make it look even better.” — model turned designer Lu Yan.

“It’s a dream team.” — Ralph Toledano on being elected president of the Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode.

“When I like clothes, I usually wear them everyday until I wear them out.” — Charlotte Gainsbourg.


“I think there are so many 21st-century things, so many exceptional cultural spaces being built, that there is a kind of fatigue setting in — certainly on my part.” — Rem Koolhaas, who unveiled a model of the future Galeries Lafayette Foundation.

“We can’t stop the supply without stopping the demand.” — Bob Barchiesi of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition.

“A modern approach to a California girl in the 1970s.” — Rachel Zoe on her resort 2015 collection.

“It would be nice if cosmetics could alter our genes and turn back time. But L’Oreal couldn’t support these claims.” — Jessica Rich of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

“My record company told me…’you have to do disco’. I said, ‘Disco? You’re pissing me off with disco. I’m finally indulging myself. At last, I’m doing what I wanted to do all along, and it only took 30 years.” — Disco queen Amanda Lear on her album of Elvis Presley cover songs.

“[Garry Winogrand] was delighted by every kind of human behavior he came across, from the proud to the profane, from the absurd to the sublime, and of course, sexy women of every strange kind of bearing moved him to react, and all of it barely perceptible as it flashed from looking with your own eyes and being guided by somebody who’s providing extraordinary access to something.” — Jeff Rosenheim, Department of Photographs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, on an exhibit of the late Winogrand’s street images.

“The thing is, I was chronically dyslexic as a child. I’m still dyslexic. I wrote the first ‘me, me, me’ book when I was laid up after breaking my back in a horse riding accident. The characters are angry me, giggly me, messy me, ADD me, mellow yellow me…” — Annabelle Neilson, who currently appears in the reality show “Ladies of London,” on her new series of children’s books.

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