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“Obviously, we survived [without Prada women’s rtw]. But if I close my eyes and think about the five or 10 brands most important to the history of Barneys, and most synonymous with what Barneys stands for and with Barneys’ aesthetic, Prada is on that short list. We have things in common in terms of modernity, so it’s great for us to have that back.” — Barneys chief executive officer Mark Lee.

“Aspirational — I hear this word all the time and it makes me puke. Aspiration isn’t just physical beauty. Aspiration is what you’re doing in life.” — Peter Kim, Hudson Jeans’ founder and chief executive officer

“I wanted the color to be almost frozen in a pack of glass. It’s actually a very classical bottle.” — Christian Louboutin on the bottle for his new line of nail polish.

“I’m boiling. It’s steaming hot and I’m Scottish — my blood wasn’t made for this heat.” — Christopher Kane at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup in West Sussex, England.

“Her talent and her creative track record will be great assets in the continued development of women’s ready-to-wear. She will devote herself full-time to our house.” — Axel Dumas, chief executive officer of Hermès, on Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski.

“These changes may include a substantial reduction in Supercenter store openings and a focus on e-commerce and small stores.” — Paul Trussell from Deutsche Bank on the appointment of Greg Foran to president and chief executive officer of Wal-Mart U.S.

“I am on call, whenever they want me.” — Ruth Finley on selling her Fashion Calendar to the CFDA.

“I start everything with a drawing. I am not a photographer. A photographer captures the moment. I imagine situations and I assemble elements for a staging that I shoot. In both cases, it involves a camera, but it’s two different jobs.” — Jean-Paul Goude, graphic designer, illustrator and advertising film director.

“The one thing in life you can control is your effort. Are there any shortcuts in the beauty business? No. That was the first lesson I learned. You can’t just rocket to the top.” — Mark Cuban at Cosmoprof North America.

The movie isn’t about a single message, like, ‘This is a bad thing.’ It is just about what is the reality of young girls living the modeling experience. It’s not a message, it’s just to show the truth from our perspective.” — French model Manon Leloup on her new documentary with Niels Benoist titled “Speaking Dolls.”

“I’ve never worn latex before but everyone’s, like, telling me that it would suck because you get all sweaty and you can’t breathe. But I really like it and now I want latex leggings.” — Gigi Hadid on shooting the 2015 Pirelli calendar.

“It’s not about an advertising campaign that comes twice a year, it’s about a daily conversation, when you engage and mutually exchange information with your consumers.” — Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, executive director for marketing and international at Marks & Spencer, at the WWD Digital Forum in London.

“If your Web site sucks, you suck.” — Anthony Citrano, vice president of communications at Verizon Digital Media Services, in a speech about Millennials’ behavior during the second annual WWD Digital Forum London

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