WWD’s week in quotes, culled from stories that ran the week of July 28 to August 2.


“She has the bandwidth. She’s very unassuming but she gets results and is tenacious.” — a retail ceo on Kathryn Bufano, named Bon-Ton’s new president and ceo.

“I just felt like there was this unfinished business in me. It’s a little bit of pride, hubris and vanity that motivated me coming back.” — Mark Ecko on his men’s contemporary line Cut & Sew

“I was always in front of the camera. My mom was really passionate about photography — I have pictures of my whole life. I’ve always just been in front of my mom’s camera and it’s always comfortable to me.” — 19-year-old model Gigi Hadid on her mother Yolanda Foster

“It’s microcosmic. If you help a baby, you help a family. When you help a family, you help a community. When you help a community, you affect change in a real way.” — Jessica Seinfeld, talking at the Baby Buggy Summer Dinner sponsored by Giorgio Armani

“When size small started selling, we knew we had a women’s business,” — Kevin Plank, founder and chief executive officer at Under Armour.

“Given the increasing popularity of minimalist fashion, women will continue to use accessories to follow trends,” — Chris Burch, who recently invested in BaubleBar.

“They picked an outsider because they knew they needed an outsider’s perspective. He’s an insider outsider.” — Amy Koo, a senior analyst at Kantar, on Brian Cornell’s hire as ceo of Target.

“Everything about Snoopy is funny — the costumes are funny, they make you laugh.” — Jean Schulz on the cartoon character, who got the Cinderella treatment courtesy of an impressive list of designers.

“What’s the definition of a contemporary denim brand? People want newness but they still like the traditional look,” — Andreas Åhrman, international sales and marketing director of Nudie Jeans, at the Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin.

“This is the first time on Amazon that we’ve built such an experience that allows users to leave their own mark on a product,” — Petra Schindler-Carter, director for Amazon Marketplace sales, on the retailer’s 3-D printing marketplace.

“You see almost every week something about a brand’s video. It’s just a print ad moving. They’re not really engaging videos. They’re just people walking down the street. People talk about wanting to disrupt all the time…but I don’t think they mean it.” — Neil Kraft, ceo of Kraftworks, on fashion advertising.

“I don’t think the fundamental need to show off luxury in China — except in government circles, of course — has gone away. The desire to flaunt wealth and privilege is still there, they’ve just become a bit more sophisticated about it.” — Jason Spencer, Millward Brown Shanghai’s managing director, on the evolution of look-alike products in China.

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