“In terms of the acting, it was quite liberating to hide behind a mask and it encourages some level of mischievousness. I wish I could do everything in the head to be honest.” — Michael Fassbender on wearing a mask in the movie “Frank.”

“Anyone who has taken money is absolutely not making money.” — Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

“I’m a perpetual student — I treat everything like homework.” — Brooke Shields on her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

“You treat both as an omnichannel, so you can order online and deliver it back to the store. The store can ship to you. It’s almost the same. We won’t have two separate inventory lines. That’s how I see the future of fashion.” — Tamara Mellon on integrating the digital and brick-and-mortar experience.

“Every guy needs a great suit, whether it’s for a job interview, a first date, whatever.” — Ryan Seacrest.

“For those in the know, it wasn’t a surprise but a clarification of the way we worked.” — Stephen Gan on his relationship with Cecilia Dean.

“Funding. Without the money, and a substantial amount of it, it’s not going to happen.” — Stephen Kolb on the possibility of a separate New York Men’s Fashion Week.

“We all have these relationships on Facebook with people we don’t know that well. To have a personal interaction with a brand or another person is really special, and a retail store allows you to speak to your customer in a one-on-one personal way.” — Wende Zomnir, chief creative officer and founding partner at Urban Decay.

“All good designs come from something personal.” — Bruce Weber.

“We are actively pursuing production in the USA.” — Don Baum, executive vice president for sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain at Ralph Lauren.

“It’s not necessarily the glamorous part of the job. The operations of a company, that includes the physical [stores] and the e-commerce channel, is the backbone of the company. If the product’s not delivered on time or the POS system doesn’t work or the Wi-Fi doesn’t work [the customer’s experience suffers].” — Daniella Vitale, chief operating officer and senior executive vice president of Barneys New York, speaking at LIM College.

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