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“In men’s wear, there are always subtle changes, not big explosions — at least not in my world. The changes don’t happen overnight.” — Ralph Lauren.

“We worked together for almost 25 years at May Company. Much of May’s success belongs to Ken Kolker. He was May’s secret weapon.” — David Farrell, retired chairman of May Company on former colleague Ken Kolker, who died at age 89.

“Any site that has a lot of traffic — whether it started as a search engine like Google or a retailer like Amazon — they’re all recognizing that they’re also publishers and advertisers want to go where the eyeballs are. They’re fighting over those brand dollars.” — Darren Vengroff, RichRelevance.

“The body-conscious dress category is super, super hot.” — Bebe’s Steve Birkhold.

“As a company, we didn’t leverage expenses.” — Wal-Mart’s Mike Duke on the company’s second-quarter performance.

“I had met a lot of people in the garment industry, buy they just don’t get it. I wanted to partner with someone who has a lot of experience with maternity wear, who understands how a pregnant women feels and how she wears it.” — Molly Sims on the launch of her maternity line.

“We urge [William] Ackman to resign from the board. The damage inflicted on Penney’s needs to be corrected by a knowledgeable retailer, not by a backseat driver whose license ought to have been revoked.” — Bernard Sosnick, Gilford Securities.

“In recent weeks, our board has ceased to function effectively. I have lost confidence in our chairman’s ability to oversee this board. I would therefore recommend that Tom [Engibous] be replaced as our chairman.” — William Ackman, a few days before resigning his board seat at J.C. Penney.

“I love clothes, but I’m really lazy and also really broke all the time.” — Lorde, a rising 16-year-old New Zealand pop star.

“The compensation process has been woefully slow and it is finally moving forward and companies are beginning to pay.” — Scott Nova, Worker Rights Consortium, on the ongoing labor issues in Bangladesh.

“People come along at every job you do and tell you, ‘This is going to make you the next big thing, this is going to change your life.’ I say, just do it for the love what you’re doing and forget about everything else. If things go crazy, they go crazy.” — Actor Douglas Booth.

“I told him not to be a hero. People would probably be happier if you were on the sidelines mingling with the crowd anyway.” — Polo player Joe DiMenna on his teammate Nacho Figueras.

“Black is every color put together while red is life.” — Claudine Barnabe Martin of Paris boutique L’Epsionne.

“I had the really intimate experience of seeing how much [readers] want to live out the fantasy. If there was a Twilightland, those people would be lining up in droves to go.” — Stephanie Meyer at the “Austenland” premiere.

“You can’t expect them to buy everything from luxury brands. For apparel, they prefer to buy fast fashion, so we need to make our offer in that combination.” —’s Celine Yang.

“Women today are looking for an inherent value in their jewelry; they may buy a necklace that can be short or long, and it makes them feel that there is an increased longevity with the piece. Instead of one long necklace, you now have two different bibs, two bracelets and two lariats.” — Marco Bicego’s Moise Cohen.

“We love dead people. It’s part of all of our lives, so why should magazines be lassoed to some sort of rule that doesn’t apply to other parts of our lives?” — Town & Country’s Jay Fielden.

“That’s all you need: a beautiful girl in a beautiful outfit and you’re instantly transfixed on it.” — Justin O’Shea

“Maybe it was the hangover, but my head was loosened up and I came up with at least 50 things.” — Alexa Chung

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