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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

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• “I think I have made a number of contributions. I better have after 17 years. I think if I had to pick something and rank it I would say team building and creating and maintaining a team culture. If you don’t have that, it doesn’t matter how much talent you have, you can not accomplish your objectives.” — Tom Murry on leaving Calvin Klein Inc.


• “In terms of color, design, trend, shape, I think that Japan is on par with Europe as well. It’s just the footwear and maybe the type and quality of fabric that could be the next part to work on. Because I think in men’s wear they have it nailed.” — Nick Wooster on Tokyo Fashion Week.

• “My mother also loved photography, and that was a big influence on me. She was an amateur photographer. There were always photo magazines around the house with pictures by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.” — Photographer Ramiro A. Fernández on his new book “Cuba Then: Rare and Classic Images From the Ramiro A. Fernández Collection”

• “I just remember being with René Ricard at some after-hours place on Avenue D and being frisked for guns walking in. Maybe my ideas were fresher, but every day was this adventure. I’m happier now that I’m more focused.” — Hunt Slonem recalling an “edgier” time in New York.

• “We’re making it a more natural part of your life. [Wearing Glass] will be easier with this, plus you have more choices.” — Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson.

• “Actually, I have Stuart Weitzman shoes from maybe 25 or 30 years ago, completely clear ones I bought from New York and I love them. They are still sitting on my table after all these years.” —Zaha Hadid at the opening of her Stuart Weitzman concept boutique in Hong Kong.

• “The promotional environment continues to be challenging. Those things are affecting all retailers in the industry and we are certainly not immune to that. The weather hasn’t helped either.” — Stuart Haselden, J. Crew.

• “I don’t think we are looking for a younger customer. We love the one we’ve got.” — Joann Fielder, J. Jill.

• “We’re in trouble in terms of how we see trade as a nation and we need to strengthen that.” — Former presidential candidate John Huntsman Jr.

• “I’ve found that few Japanese brands have any appreciation of export realities; some have even tried to chargea premium to me because they think I sell at a higher price and therefore that I make a higher margin than Japanese retailers.” — Kevin House, who operates a UK-based e-commerce site dedicated to Japanese fashion.

• “We’re looking to convert many parts of the world from a classifications business of jeans and underwear into a lifestyle business and offer sportswear and other categories.” — Steve Shiffman, Calvin Klein.

• “I think a lot of media coverage is wrong. A lot of reporters are too gullible. Media reporters do not have a tough, scrutinizing eye.” — Politico & Captial New York’s Jim VandeHei.

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