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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.


• “I met a distributor who said: ‘You don’t have a chance in hell. Stick to your day job.’ Actors get used to hearing ‘no’ from a very early age. We hear it all the time and we have to learn to push through that.” — Richard E. Grant.

• “I would love to do special products for specific countries. As we go ahead and learn the territories, we’re going to do exclusives for each area.” — Tory Burch.

• “I like the classics — James Dean, Frank Sinatra, George Clooney, you know, a man’s man. I like Johnny Depp, too.” — Robin Thicke.

• “If somebody could send me the script to a really great romantic comedy, I would love that.” — Emma Watson.

• “A wedding dress for a girl is always very complicated to make because she’s dreaming nearly all her life about it and it has to be then so perfect that it’s nearly impossible to fulfill all the wishes.” — Dries Van Noten on designing Maggie Gyllenhaal’s wedding dress.

• “Seeing the collection and Margot Robbie wearing it, it’s wonderful because it’s something I’ve worked on so much with the team and it’s nice to see it come to life. It’s such a glamorous night.” — Jason Wu at the opening of Boss in Hong Kong.

• “People are looking for that design-inspired feeling but at the right price point. Whether it’s perfume or shoes, I think what happens is that there isn’t a choice level that you can have [at a certain price].” — Vince Camuto.

• “In case some of you don’t know Mira, she is a workaholic, wears a lot of color, not that tall, cute and gets 60,000 likes when she posts Roger Vivier on her Instagram.”  — Roger Vivier’s brand ambassador Inès de la Fressange on Miroslava Duma.


• “We will have a party afterwards, and win or lose, we get drunk.” — New York magazine’s Adam Moss, which received numerous National Magazine Award nominations.

• “At the speed at which the retail environment is changing, you just can’t put a stake in the ground anymore and say this is my concept and think it is going to be relevant in 10 years.” — Wendy Liebmann, WSL Strategic Retail.

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