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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

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“As our president, with the additional responsibility for Macy’s private brands, Gennette will have a total view of Macy’s merchandise assortment and marketing strategy — both in stores and online — consistent with our omnichannel vision.” — Terry J. Lungren, Macy’s Inc. chairman and chief executive officer on the Jeffrey Gennette’s promotion to president of the corporation.

“We see significant opportunities to extend our e-commerce platform to physical retail, developing a more engaging, omnichannel and digitally connected shopping experience.” — Daniel Zhang, chief operating officer of Alibaba Group.

“The customer is in the driver’s seat. We’re just trying to get in front of what she wants.” — Karen Katz, president and chief executive officer of Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. LLC, speaking about technology at the Oracle Industry Connect Conference.

“We’d been focused on seasonal fashion thinking that’s what the customer wanted. We didn’t think any one wanted to buy underwear online. But when we put replenishment items on, it was huge.” — Steven Hunter, Stage Stores.

“She is a client; she shops for herself. We are very happy that she wears our clothes. She is a discrete and efficient woman.” — Dominique Hazan, general manager of Georges Rech and Apostrophe, on newly-elected Paris mayor, Anne Hildago.

“I trust her completely to head the city, including to boost the creation and fashion industry. I have known her for years; I feel very close to her.” — Pierre Berge on the newly elected mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

“Wal-Mart’s specific program of Made in the USA could conceivably have an impact on the supply chain, but you’ve got to remember there is very little cut-and-sew left in the U.S. That’s been decimated over the years.” — outgoing NCTO chairman Bill Jasper.

“I’ve never really looked into archives anywhere I’ve worked, actually…I feel, like it or hate it, it doesn’t matter. I just like it to be strong. I think it’s worth doing something differently.” — Phoebe Philo, Celine.

“I’m very proud, but not just because of the clothes I’ve created. I did lots of work with joy and with all my heart. I did my best and tried to please everyone. My advice to you all would be to believe, to appreciate what life gives you and try to be optimistic and just to be happy.” — Valentino at the third annual Vogue Festival in London.

“I do everything. I sketch, I try the shoes, I do everything. I’m surprised that people have teams, that’s crazy. The only thing I don’t do is the sizing, because I don’t like numbers.” — Manolo Blahnik speaking at the Vogue Festival.

“It has to be organic; you can’t strategize Instagram months in advance,” the designer said. “It’s called Instagram — it has the word ‘insta’ in it.” — designer Diane von Furstenberg.

“I saw a few Lichtensteins, met a few granddaughters. I could see trading your granddaughter for a Lichtenstein. I’d be down with that.” — singer Katy Perry on brushing up on her knowledge of modern art.

“Up until a week ago, I’ve had one pair of glasses ever. This pair I’ve been wearing for the past four years are Paul Smith and then he just gave me a [new] pair. For the first time in my life, I own a spare.” — singer-songwriter, Dan Croll on his simple fashion style.