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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.


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“We don’t care about the business model. We care about the experience for the customer.” — Claudio Del Vecchio, Brooks Brothers.

“The captain of industry — he is still our core customer — is thankfully more discreet and chic than the late Eighties. He still wears a suit and tie every day and requires ultimate sartorial expression. But affluence no longer equals formality.” — Joshua Schulman, Bergdorf Goodman.

“The fact is most people who would benefit from a higher minimum wage are not teenagers takin on their first job. The average age of folks getting paid the minimum wage is 35. A majority of lower-wage jobs are held by women. Many of them work full time, often to support a family.” — President Barack Obama.

“If a brand has too much notoriety, I can always tell that the arc of the brand will turn down very quickly.” — Aaron Levant, Agenda.

“Instagram is a look into my life. Twitter is a dialogue and press stuff and talking back and forth on topics that relate to the brand. And Pinterest is only for our women. This is a clear way for us to able to have a global reach.” — Scott Sternberg, Band of Outsiders.
“Holding the role of president was too time consuming for Miuccia. She has always been co-ceo, it was just made official. She is my right hand in this function and she is the boss in style.” — Patrizio Bertelli, Prada Group chief executive officer.
“Being in Ralph’s office was kind of surreal. His big advice for us was to open retail stores, and it was really good advice; we gave the customer an experience and it’s been huge for our brand.” — David Neville, Rag & Bone managing partner, reflects on an influential meeting with Ralph Lauren.
“You’re probably not familiar with our company, but you probably are familiar with the saying ‘You don’t know s–t from Shinola.’” — Heath Carr, chief executive officer of Shinola’s parent Bedrock Manufacturing Co.
“Our guy is the New York guy who is the connector of the world. He’s strong, he knows his fashion, he loves his details with fabric and fit.” — Maxwell Osborne of  Public School.
“We’re the largest seller of vinyl records in the U.S. All the things that people thought were dead are coming back.” — John Hauser, chief officer of brand experience, on the new non-traditional retail experience that Urban Outfitters is opening called Space Ninety 8.
“What I was most attracted to is that there are no windows, which for a retailer is a very ballsy thing to do — especially on Rodeo. I wanted a sense of mystery that encouraged people to come in and explore.” — Vera Wang on opening a new store on Rodeo Drive.
“Anytime you do a fight scene with Frank Grillo, you are going home with bumps and bruises. Frank is the guy who is willing to go home with ice packs to make this movie look authentic.” — Actor Chris Evans at a screening for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

“We obviously have our allegiances. Stark is my personal favorite. That [design] definitely was the most interesting for me. I just love that wolf and the textures in the fur. The imagery of the face is just so beautiful.” — Danielle Wilmore on designs for jeweler Pyrrha’s “game of Thrones” line.

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