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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

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“The United States is a strategic market for Givenchy and we shall roll out retail units in other key cities during 2014.” — Givenchy ceo Sebastian Suhl

“Primark is like a Wal-Mart for apparel only, but with a fashion sensibility much nearer to H&M, with fast fashion, basics, shoes and accessories, both market and owned brands, housed in a midtier department store — and with a bit better quality than H&M or Forever 21.” — Craig Johnson, Customer Growth Partners, on Primark’s plans to enter the US.

“This is such a hotbed of international and we think we can grow our international brand awareness by being here. Some of the best retail on earth is in SoHo and there’s a great balance of local, domestic and international tourists that come here.” — Susie McCabe, Under Armour SVP, on opening its new retail store in New York City.

“Even conservative guys have upgraded their underwear selections with fashion looks. The men who didn’t care about fashion in the past now care. It used to be that 75 percent of all men’s underwear was purchased by women. It’s not close to that at all. Women now buy 36 percent.” — industry analyst Marshal Cohen on the uptick in retail sales of men’s underwear.

“We were thinking, ‘How can we connect with art and fashion and connect with our consumers?’ We thought that a fashion line was in line with our brand’s DNA, rooted in music and film as well.” — Kristin Patrick, global chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Global Beverages Group, on the debut of Pepsi’s capsule collection.

“I’m very proud of NYPD blue and today I’m proud to be wearing denim blue,” — NYC Police Chief William Bratton speaking at Denim Day, an event to raise awareness of the fight against sexual violence.

“It’s important that we don’t think of business as separate from life, separate from the environment, separate from our home. Patagonia is going to continue to take a creative and provocative approach to business. I do think business can be a positive agent for change.” — Rose Marcario, Patagonia Inc’s president, on the company’s push of an omnichannel business strategy.

“Growing up in a family of strong and pioneering females, I am excited that such iconic women, leaders in their own fields, have been involved in this project, on this iconic Fendi bag.” — Silvia Venturini Fendi on collaborating with notable women on a charity project to raise funds for Kids Company.

“It isn’t the clothes women and girls choose to wear that needs to change, but rather the belief system of those who objectify them and commit the acts of sexual violence that needs to change.” — Quentin Walcott, co-executive director of Connect, speaking at Denim Day.

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