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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

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“I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of difference between designing structures and couture.” — 3-D designer Julia Koerner at the Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology Conference in San Francisco last week

“It just might not be the product for the future. It’s such a generic scoring system. If I’m scoring higher in fuel points it could be just because I’m gesturing with my hand, not running. When you’re building smart products you need to make sure that the info you’re grabbing can lead to insights for the consumer.” — an anonymous attendee on Nike’s FuelBad, at the Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology Conference in San Francisco last week

“If anyone in this room still questions Made in the USA as a financially viable option, that’s behind you.” — Bill McRaith, chief supply chain officer of PVH Corp., at the annual American Apparel & Footwear Association’s International Sourcing, Customs & Logistics Integration Conference.

“It’s very interesting to see your city again in a different way and sort of fall in love with it again.” — Bill de Blasio on New York City at the closing night dinner for the Tribeca Film Festival.

“No sportswear, no footwear, no meaningful accessories business.” — Emanuel Chirico, chairman and chief executive of PVH Corp, at the Nomura Retail Conference in New York.

“She never used two words when one would do. She could be brusque — but it was a way of hiding her shyness. She was kind and sympathetic — but never sentimental.” — Sandra Boler, the former editor of Brides, on former British Vogue editor Beatrix Miller.

“More and more because we are becoming a consumer company, I think it makes us a more powerful advertising company.” — David Carr on the New York Times.

“My aim is to carry forward the fusion between sophistication, luxury and innovation and bring the house [to] the next level.” — Italian designer Rodolfo Paglialunga, newly appointed creative director of Jil Sander.

“This will be a very in-control evening for me, but it’s a great cause. We start filming tomorrow at 1 p.m. — I can’t wait to say, ‘Action.’” — Jennifer Morrison, at the Lanvin-sponsored dinner for the Foundation for Living Beauty.

“Clearly with the business model operating now, we still believe there is potential in China or we wouldn’t have a site in Mandarin.” — Ginger Reeder, Neiman Marcus Group, addressing the prospect of NMG pulling out of its investment in Asian-based e-commerce site Glamour Sales Holdings.

“The Chinese government has mandated a 13 percent annual increase in minimum wage over five years, starting a year ago, so by 2017, the minimum wage will have doubled and that will begin to minimize production in our areas.” — Rick Darling, Li & Fung Trading Ltd.

“Amazon is coming. They’re trying, they’re working on it. Not having stores will be a disadvantage to them in the apparel world. The real fashion customers love to shop.” — Karen Houget, Macy’s Inc.

“If there’s a channel of distribution that’s growing faster than all others, [e-commerce] is the one, and we’re beginning to get good at it.” — Eric Wiseman, VF Corp.

“We are thinking of making that store…one of the best fashion-message concept stores in the world.” — Yuki Katsuta, Uniqlo, on the company’s new store in Paris’s Marais district.

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