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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

“He created an enormous jeans brand and brought jeans back to the center of what was happening in fashion. He really resuscitated the denim market, not just for his brand, but for a lot of other people, too. I really do think of him as a brand creator, and maybe the creative period was sort of over for him.” — John Eshaya, founder and owner of Jet and a former buyer for Ron Herman, on the announcement that Jeff Rudes is stepping down as ceo of J Brand.

“Continued repression of workers and human rights in Cambodia is a serious concern for us. [W]e share the Cambodian government’s interest in a peaceful, constructive way forward on the issues at the root of current labor unrest. We hope to see swift progress on the outstanding labor and human rights concerns so our sourcing can return to previous levels.” — a Levi’s spokesperson on the company scaling back orders in Cambodia.

“It was too rigid, no flexibility, no creativity, so I didn’t last very long, and then I went to music school.” — pop star Keisza on first joining the Royal Canadian Navy at 16 before embarking on a singing career.

I had an audition where I had to look like a boy. I’m already a tomboy. They did face shading and glued a wig to my face and head. I was in my makeup chair for two hours every day.” — actress Bella Thorne on her role in the new movie, “Blended.”

“We can’t depend on the same techniques that we used in the early 2000s to continue to have a good business.” — Lu Kushan, who manages a bra-production line in Gurao, China.

“I want to nurture one great partner per market.” — designer Esteban Cortazar on attracting an investment from London-based MH Luxe Ltd.

“In effect, all these supports can turn into stores and, by winking at customers, trigger an impulse-buying urge, giving her an experience that — thanks to the application — is totally new. There has never been a faster shopping experience.” — Valérie Dassier, head of e-commerce at Comptoir des Cotonniers, on launching its mobile “Fast Shopping” retail experience.

“We are targeting more mature women. Consumers who are successful in their lives and in their careers and have knowledge of how to live better.” — Mirror Zhang, general manager for Chinese fashion company, Trendy, on the debut of a new brand called Coven Garden.

“Men’s clothing hasn’t changed in 200 years, maybe a lapel gets a little wider or a tie gets narrower from time to time. But it’s usually always the same. There is stupidity in men’s fashion. But women know who they are. They can change. Clothing is seductive for women. They get different personas by buying new clothes. But men don’t.” — Massimo Vignello, who died Tuesday, commenting to WWD in a previous interview.

“In launching Adam Lippes, I knew that partnering with a talented and seasoned manager was a non-negotiable. In the 18 months we have been working together, Donata has been instrumental in the structure, organizational processes and distribution of the brand.” — Adam Lippes on tapping Donata Minelli as ceo of the brand.

“The younger generation is comfortable with mixing metals and styles, such as stackable weddings in different colors and wedding bands with colored stones.” — jeweler Sylvie Levine at on the recent trend of mixing metals and stones.

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