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WWD’s day in quotes from today’s edition.

“It really will benefit every area of the business.Financial struggle is something I’m very familiar with as an independent designer.” — designer Thomas Tait on winning the inaugural LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to further increase brand awareness globally through various marketing channels, including traditional advertising or e-commerce site, social media and public relations events.” — John D. Idol, ceo of Michael Kors Holdings Ltd., on global expansion.

“This is pretty big. Everybody used to say that baseball players can’t dress and athletes can’t dress. You know, a lot of athletes now are trying to prove everybody wrong, though there are some athletes that try too hard and try to do over-the-top things. But me, I try to be simple and just make whatever I’m wearing look good.” — L.A. Dodger Matt Kemp on shooting the fall campaign for Gap Inc.’s Factory outlet stores.

“Color stones were forgotten for a while. The supply was so erratic for such a long time and mined in a very small way with people who weren’t investing in proper infrastructure or supply channels.” — Ian Harebottle, ceo of Gemfields, the world’s leading producer of ethically sourced, rare-colored gemstones.

“First-quarter sales comparisons were challenging due to our large increases last year and the soft selling environment this year.” — Tim Belk, chairman and ceo of the Charlotte, N.C.-based department store group, on the drop in net income for the first quarter.

“This new group is bringing their tremendous talents and experience to help guide Target’s strategies and tactics. They’re also providing fresh, disruptive ideas that will help us reinvent the Target run for tomorrow’s guests.” — Casey Carl, president of omnichannel, Target, on creating a new Digital Advisory Council to accelerate digital transformation at the retailer.

“It’s really for the guy’s girl — it’s not precious. If he’s shooting, she’s shooting next to him. They’re engaged in life together.” — Pam Bristow, Ghurka executive vice president of marketing and brand strategy, on the brand’s introduction of a women’s collection for fall.

“I do believe that most challenges have been solved by someone somewhere, and too often there’s this pressure to innovate when it’s not necessarily the idea or the innovation that needs to be imagined so much as to translate it into a specific context or set of parents. Certainly at the foundation we’re always asking who’s doing already something really well and how can we learn from that because it’s important for us to be second or even third if someone has already been first.” — Chelsea Clinton at the Hearst Philanthropy Summit.

“It will be a bit of Italy in Manhattan. We’re using materials that have never been used in America before.” — Caruso ceo Umberto Angeloni on opening a retail store, showroom and offices for the brand in NYC.

“We would have liked them to eliminate the disclosure requirement on hangtags unless there was demonstrable danger of deception, but obviously they did not accept that.” — Julia Hughes, president of the U.S. Fashion Industry Association, on the FTC’s approval of amendments to its wool labeling rules.

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