ThredUp Holiday Purge Surge

Check this list twice, as consumers are the ones who make the judgment call on which clothing brands stay or leave their wardrobes this holiday season and afterward.

ThredUp’s annual “Holiday Purge Surge” data report investigates a larger theme of what brands and product categories consumers are pushing onward in the consumer cycle — to thrift shops and consignors who gobble up so-called clothing “rejects,” which in this case are “brand-new, never worn items” and position them for reward.

Gleaning data from its influx of 250,000 new-with-tags items, representing 60 percent more than the rest of the year, ThredUp’s “most purged” holiday gifts may be a significant reminder of buyer’s remorse, or misinformed gifting — or a puzzle piece fitting into a larger, untold story on consumer preference and brand longevity.

Every January, ThredUp receives “presumably rejected holiday gifts” and reports on the increased inventory. In 2018, J.Crew cardigans took the top spot at a 442 percent increase, ASOS maxi dresses landed in second with a 296 percent increase and Banana Republic ruffle dresses were in third with a 225 percent rise.

Another area to note is the fourth spot, representing a 208 percent increase, new-with-tags swimsuits, known for flattering figures and delivering sex appeal, the name on the tag is — Victoria’s Secret.

Is the cup half full? Following suit to L Brand’s chief marketing officer, Ed Razek’s interview with Vogue and changes in executive leadership, John Mehas replaces Jan Singer as chief executive officer, the “rejected” swimsuits data may be viewed alongside the brand’s recent press or indicate a seasonal misstep in gifting.

Moving into greener pastures are the “2018 Brands with Least Regret” — led by Everlane. According to ThredUp’s report, Everlane is the “least regretted” buy two years in a row because items were “received without tags attached” under the assumption consumers are putting in more wear.

Coming in second after Everlane was Prada, “the designer brand with the least regret” and third, Citizens of Humanity, “denim she’s likely to love.”

Pushing a narrative in which consumers cyclically consume; buy, wear and resell, the study may warrant a closer evaluation of consumer preference or perceived brand longevity while providing a basis for gifting.

ThredUp’s 2018 Holiday Purge Surge List.  Courtesy Image

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