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Arguably the most famous and successful woman in fashion media is not on Tig Notaro’s radar. At all.

The comedian and actor was shown a photo of Anna Wintour — in a tweed shift, black sunglasses, arms folded — during a session of Recode’s annual media conference in Los Angeles and asked if she recognized her. “No, no idea,” Notaro said frankly.

“She also seems like she would not be very open to me,” Notaro said as the audience of media professionals laughed. “I like her style though.”

Tig Notaro'ClusterFest' at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, USA - 23 Jun 2019

Comedian Tig Notaro on stage in June 2019.  Greg Chow/Shutterstock

Wintour has had plenty of time to hone her taste, being Vogue’s editor in chief for more than 30 years and one of Condé Nast’s longest-surviving executives. After getting a couple of clues on Wintour’s name, “the coldest month of the year” plus “being walked around by a guide,” Notaro guessed it. But had to be told the first name.

“Yeah, never heard of her,” Notaro said after learning her full name. “But I’m certain she’s never heard of me, either.”

Notaro’s surprising (and likely jealously inducing) ignorance of celebrities of all sorts, despite her nearly two decades in comedy, is the subject of her new show “Under a Rock” on Funny or Die. Well-known celebrity guests, including such names as James Van Der Beek and Lena Hadley, come on and Notaro tries to guess who they are and get to know them a bit.

Other celeb flash cards Notaro was shown on stage included Rupert Murdoch, Shonda Rhimes and Jack Dorsey. She knew none of them on sight, but did eventually guess Murdoch after getting a clue that he was in news and asking: “Is he CNN?”

The crowd erupted in laughter at this, given Fox News being on the opposite end of the political spectrum. She eventually got the name, having heard of it generally.

“I’ve never seen the man’s face in my life,” Notaro added, “but I’ve read about him and my apologies.”

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