Topshop’s Tweets: Topshop has a reputation for bringing the runway show experience to its customers, having offered a live-streamed online glimpse into its Topshop Unique shows since 2012. Now, to mark London Fashion Week, the retailer has teamed with Twitter to harness the trends that the fashion industry is Tweeting about during the shows and giving its customers the chance to shop those trends.

Topshop will take over six digital billboards in major U.K. cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham from Friday Feb. 20 through Monday Feb. 24, and display what trends are emerging from London Fashion Week via Twitter hashtags on those billboards. Topshop will also broadcast the trends via its own Twitter feed, its Web site and on a billboard in its Oxford Circus, London store. Customers who then Tweet those trend hashtags back to @Topshop will receive a shopping list of current season designs that chime in with the trends. The billboards will be produced by social content marketing platform Stackla, and are operated by Ocean Outdoor.

Added to that, Topshop will live-stream its fall 2015 Topshop Unique show online and in its Oxford Circus store Feb. 22. This season, Topshop is amping up the show content it streams online, and will broadcast content of guests arriving ahead of the show, with presenter Laura Jackson interviewing the front row names. The retailer will also post six-second videos of models just before they hit the runway on Twitter, made in a Vine Booth set up at the show venue, London’s Tate Britain.

Sir Philip Green, Topshop’s owner, commented: “Whether we are giving [customers] a look behind the scenes at the show or partnering with a global platform such as Twitter to allow them to shop the trends in real time, our aim is to create a truly inclusive experience,” he said. Sheena Sauvaire, global marketing and communications director of Topshop added: “Through Twitter’s listening power, we can allow our global consumer to shop the trends as and when they happen, and give them insight and access into runway shows,” she said, noting that the billboards represent “a first example of real time, shop-able billboards.”

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