twitter media studio

Video advertising is taking over the digital sphere, and Twitter is hoping that it’s a ticket to profitability and growth.

Today, the microblogging platform introduces a number of updates that encourage users to create and share more videos as it works to become the “first screen” instead of the “second screen” and attract companies with video advertising budgets that are eager for more video content on platforms such as Twitter.

The primary announcement is that Twitter is making it possible for creators of all sizes to make money from posting video content. Although the accounts still have to be approved, this option is no longer limited to major publishers and brands. Twitter is also adding a desktop service called Media Studio that provides publishing tools; this is in addition to its mobile app, Twitter Engage. The video ads are an expansion of Twitter’s Amplify program, a video advertising product that began beta testing in 2013 for publishers and consumer brands.

Media Studio lets creators in the U.S. elect to include pre-roll ads before their content. Program participants can elect to opt-in videos tweet-by-tweet, or pre-set monetization for all of their videos, said Twitter product manager Guy Snir in a post sharing the news. The content can run on any platform, meaning that users can upload the same videos they have added to other platforms. Creators receive 70 percent of the ad revenue, while Twitter receives 30 percent.

From the advertiser side, video ads can run automatically based on chosen categories.

In July, Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey told shareholders that livestreaming video and creators were among Twitter’s top priorities. “Getting video on Twitter will take us one step closer to tapping the online video budgets we are aiming for,” Dorsey said, adding that he saw it as a “a huge opportunity [that] Twitter can tap into (especially among our peer set).”

Earlier this year, Twitter added longer videos and tools that help users find videos, such as tapping on a video tweet or Vine to go to a “full-screen viewing experience,” under which are suggested Twitter video and Vines. And it added Twitter Engage, which helps a user track the most important follows and mentions.

Media Studio, the new desktop site, provides publishers with a media library, tweet scheduling capabilities and the ability to allow access for multiple users. The existing Twitter Engage app also gets a new section that allows users to track earnings on Twitter.

“We’re heavily committed to creators and influencers — artists, activists, athletes and writers, established or emerging,” Dorsey said. He added that with Amplify, “the same way that brands can run pre-rolls on video from a network or sports league, they can now start to do that with the next generation of digital stars.”