UNITED COLORS: After launching its Unhate Project in November, Benetton unveiled its first monument to peace through Colors Magazine on Saturday. The publication is donating a large dove sculpture to the city of Tripoli, which is celebrating Libyan Independence Day for the first time in 42 years. The Unhate Dove’s plumage is composed of shell cases recovered by war zone residents, symbolizing newfound peace and hope at the end of the Arab Revolution.

“The presentation of the dove is the first both concrete and symbolic gesture of the Unhate Foundation,” stated Alessandro Benetton, executive vice president of the Benetton Group, adding that a primary focus of the foundation is “challenging the culture of hate.”

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Furthering the kumbaya moment, a special edition of Colors Magazine titled “Con Amore,” or “With Love,” offers stories about the lives of international prisoners and activists, and the magazine’s blog presents “Cine Rincão,” a short film by Brazilian director Fernando Grostein Andrade about a young man in São Paolo who survives a shoot-out and opens a movie theater to keep kids off the streets.

Benetton does not shy away from provocation. Starting in the Eighties and Nineties, the company worked with photographer Oliviero Toscani, a founder of Colors Magazine, on campaigns that showed a man dying of AIDS, or a series of identical hearts labeled black, white and yellow as a protest against racism. Recently Benetton caused an outcry when it introduced the Unhate Project with a photo montage of kisses between world leaders.