VANITY FAIR’S FUNNY MAN: Michael Carl, Vanity Fair’s fashion market director, has capitalized on his witty social media presence, translating it to video. Produced by Condé Nast Entertainment, Carl’s new series, which appears on YouTube, is basically his Twitter handle, @CarlsCrush, come to life, he told WWD.

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“It was a joint collaboration between me and CNE, and it kind of started off inspired by my love affair with sports,” Carl said, explaining that he originally wanted to appear at an anchor’s desk and report the news à la ESPN — only the news would be irreverent and fashion-centric. Carl, who has filmed five two-and-a-half minute episodes thus far, humorously explains his world — one of clichéd largess and extravagant personalities — to the non-fashion insider.

“Everyone at Vanity Fair is very nervous because I really don’t know where the line is,” he said, referring to the line where pumping up the bravado becomes unattractive. “That fine line — I’m very confused where that line is.”

That’s doubtful.

The editor quickly pivoted and explained that he’s going to film a self-deprecating video, which pokes fun at his social media alter ego.

And capturing that fabulous, fashion-boy persona on camera hasn’t been easy, he admitted. “Looking into the camera was hard at first. It took a full day to come up with one episode and then I had several media trainings soon after,” he said, as he offered his newly discovered method for calming his nerves. “I pretend I’m talking to my brother,” he said.

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