VIEW FROM THE BLOGOSPHERE: Coverage of the action under the tents has never been more comprehensive, but increasingly the runway trends are only part of the story being told by the mainstream media and the blogs, which this season were more omnipresent than ever. Now the unscripted, off-the-cuff reports from backstage, the runways and the parties are equally important — who was caught berating publicists at the tents, who was left soggy in the rain waiting for their Town Car and who almost lost a finger when paparazzi swarmed Jennifer Lopez when she appeared with Victoria Beckham at the Marc Jacobs show (well, almost). So what did the blogs say? Below, WWD plucked some highlights from cyberspace.

On label worship:

This story first appeared in the September 15, 2008 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

“I have no idea what G-Star is. I thought it was an energy drink, but apparently it’s a jeans company.”
— Joel Stein,

On tailoring:

“Richard Chai doing last-minute fittings….A man got under a skirt to pin from the inside. Hope he knew the model.”
— Britt Aboutaleb,

On finding value in your work:

“I’m sitting at Eros, a Greek diner on Seventh Avenue, loving my omelette as I seek shelter from the rain, when I see a busboy remove a container of dirty dishes — with a copy of my review in today’s paper on top. Get it while it’s hot, I guess.”
— Cathy Horyn,

On “delebrities”:

“Who knew Victoria Beckham had a dress collection showing at fashion week? Where does the woman get the time between her reality TV show, pedicures, designing jeans and sunglasses, whipping up a perfume and being a wife and a mom?…Despite her having graced Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List many times and indeed having a questionable sense of style on occasions, I still very much want to like her collection. At the back of my mind, I guess my love for the Spice Girl era still lingers, making me want to love everything about them. And Posh has always been my favorite Spice.

On being a critic:

“When I was talking about the collection to the big-time fashion editors, thinking they’d obviously have loved this one, they shook their head at me like I was an idiot. ‘Why did you like it?’ one said. ‘Because it was fun, sexy and cool,’ I chirpily replied. ‘Those are the three things we hate: fun, sexy and cool. We like moody and subversive.’
— Joel Stein,

On paparazzi:

“When [Rachel Zoe] emerged [from Calvin Klein], one guy yelled, ‘Eat a sandwich!’ as she strolled past impassively. Five minutes later, his paparazzo friend ran up and chortled, ‘I told her she’s horrible! That she’s a terrible role model for women! Ha-ha!’ When someone asked how Zoe had responded, he said amid self-satisfied laughter, ‘She threatened to call the cops and then took off running’ Aw. Whatever our personal opinions of Zoe, this guy made us feel the impossible for her: pity.”
— Fug Girls at

On the perils of timeliness:

“Marc Jacobs. He started on time! Two seasons in a row. Go Marc! Rock on with your muscled-out, creative, punctual self. The timely start, however, meant that people were rushing to their seats at the last minute, the terror of missing the show palpable as the crowds surged forward. Bodyguards were pressing in. Publicists were tumbling. Feet were being crushed. And I got pushed off my share of the bleacher and knocked between the knees of the nice man behind me who, alas, was not some hunky actor or a mogul or even a dude with his very own car and driver.”
— Robin Givhan,

On battles in the fashion closet:

“We asked Jay-Z which fellow designer he’d want to challenge to a game of sartorial one-on-one. ‘Ralph [Lauren],’ he said. Go on. ‘Because he represents a culture, and I represent a culture. I’d square with him any day. I’d outstitch him any day. You let him know that. You tell him that.’ Mr. Lauren, if you’re reading…”
— Alison Baenen,

On good swag:

“Of all the swag we’ve seen carried out of fashion shows this week, Cynthia Rowley’s portable butt pad was certainly the strangest — and most practical. Guests in the first and second rows got to use their pads, then peel them off their seats and cart them off, using the foam handle affixed by a chic faux-gold chain. Interior designer Celerie Kemble…encouraged us to steal one that had gone unclaimed. ‘You never know when it might come in handy,’ she said. ‘I like to think of myself as having a bony ass.’”
— The Cut at

On fashion journalists:

“Cathy Horyn, curmudgeon or awesome? The New York Times fashion critic showed up to Calvin Klein’s 40th anniversary party last night — which had a cocktail attire code — wearing jean shorts. So far, she hasn’t had any invites rescinded this season, so it looks like she’s playing rebel in other ways.” —

“At Kai Kühne’s show last night, the leggy social designer Genevieve Jones was practically climbing up the leg of Olivier Zahm, the editor of Purple magazine. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing until she pulled a camera out of her bag and, holding it at arm’s length, started taking self-portraits. I guess the paparazzi had other things to do.”
— Eric Wilson,

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