BIG MONTH: Vogue China editor, Angelica Cheung, is all set for a big September, with both her magazine’s eighth anniversary and China’s third annual Fashion Night Out falling this month.

As the luckiest number in Chinese culture, eighth anniversaries are a big deal here, and the magazine is celebrating the occasion with a special September issue featuring eight different covers. Each version displays a different top model, including Chinese superstars Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun, Sui He and Xiao Wen Ju.

The asymmetrically-bobbed editor believes that after eight years of successfully promoting luxury consumption, the magazine is in a position to be about more than “just” fashion.

To this end, she is increasingly throwing the title’s considerable weight behind talented young creatives — Cheung nominates Uma Wang, Masha Ma and Qiu Hao as her top three local fashion design talents — as well as influencing the ways in which Chinese women live their lives.

“That’s how we give the magazine soul and personality and this is why women in China really feel as though they can connect with the magazine. It’s not just about dressing fashionably, it’s also about having a positive attitude, courage, having a dream and having value in their lives,” Cheung said.

“We try to encourage readers to become people of value to society, that’s ultimately what makes you happy, on top of being able to wear the latest and most fashionable clothes,” she said.

Both within the pages of the magazine, as well as through events such as FNO, Cheung said she believes her job is to educate as well as inform, which is one of the reasons why the Chinese incarnation of FNO continues, when the concept has been discontinued in the US.

“FNO in the US was about giving the industry a push and making people buy more things, but in China it was more about education, interaction, seminars. We thought about stopping the event, but our partners approached us and asked us to keep going,” she explained.

FNO’s Asia festivities kick off later this week. Hangzhou and Mumbai will stage the event on Thursday. The FNO train moves on to Shanghai and Hong Kong come Friday. Beijing and Tokyo will host their FNO events on Saturday.

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