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Echo Look’s Fashion Powers: After launching features like Community Style Check and Style Check Reasons late last year, Amazon revealed app updates for users of its selfie camera-cum-AI stylist — including the ability to automatically sort closets, support voice profiles and, later this month, showcase Vogue and GQ magazine editorial content.

The deal with publisher Condé Nast is a first for the Amazon camera. “This is the first time we are collaborating with a brand to provide content to Echo Look customers,” said an Amazon representative. Starting Feb. 19, users will see Vogue or GQ content show up on the home screen of the Echo Look app. Clicking will redirect to the related magazine’s web site, where they can read an article and shop its links. Purchases brought in by the app qualify the publisher for a piece of the sale.

That may sound like a version of affiliate linking, in which the e-commerce giant rewards online shopping referrals, but Amazon was quick to squash that comparison.

“This is no affiliate program. We’re offering curated content from GQ and Vogue in the home screen of the Echo Look app as a way to provide helpful and interesting tips and trends to our customers,” the spokeswoman said. When asked if other brands and partners could enjoy the same perks, the company declined to answer, saying that it’s focused on this deal and will “see where it goes from there.”

Amazon Echo Look Alexa GQ Vogue

Amazon’s Echo Look app will feature GQ and Vogue.  Courtesy images

GQ content will focus on advice, while Vogue will offer a range of subjects, from trends to celebrity stories.

Other software updates enable the Echo Look app to automatically categorize users’ items by themes such as color, item and occasion. Using artificial intelligence, it can create collections “for favorites, videos, camera phone photos, seasons, and weather,” said the Amazon rep. The feature is available within a new “Collections” tab inside the Look Book section of the app.

The update, which supports the iPhone X, also brings integration with Speaker ID, an Alexa voice-profiling feature that uses audio recognition to recognize who’s talking to the device. Using an acoustic profile, the app can distinguish voices, so Echo Look knows which person snapped the selfie or video by voice, so it can save the asset to the correct profile and avoid the conflation of Look Books among household members.

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