Vogue Italia's May issue cover

Vogue Italia is trying to attract a younger audience.

With the release of its May issue, which hit newsstands on Friday, the Condé Nast magazine has launched the “Create and Touch” project, targeting high school students in Milan, Rome and Florence. In order to stimulate their creativity and make them rediscover the charm of printed magazines, they are asked to create paper artworks, clothes and objects by using the pages of Vogue Italia’s May issue.

Images of the most creative and interesting paper works will be published in the magazine, as well as on Vogue.it, in the next few months.

“We believe that in a world of thrilling digital revolutions, nothing is of greater value than proximity. This is true for people, and it’s also true for a number of small pleasures, such as leafing through a book, or a top-quality magazine. The tactile pleasure of good old-fashioned paper, in a digital world, cuts across the generations. Because it’s a live material, able to adapt and transform,” said Vogue Italia editor in chief Emanuele Farneti. “This is the idea behind ‘Create and Touch,’ a project aimed primarily but not exclusively at lyceum students, in which they can give free rein to their creativity, using the latest issue of Vogue to create something new.”

Kicking off the project, artist Thomas Braida reworked the cover image shot by Mario Sorrenti, who portrayed Caitin Stickels. In an accompanying interview, the American model talks about her cat-eye syndrome and how this didn’t prevent her from building a career in the fashion and beauty industry.

This is the third issue of Vogue Italia edited by Farneti, who succeeded the late Franca Sozzani last January. In March, the magazine celebrated the world of fashion e-commerce, while in April it paid homage to the beauty of the latest generation.

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