What is the Vogue sales team up to today? Spending the day at One World Trade Center locked in a conference room talking about the future — specifically, the e-commerce and branded content realm.

The glossy’s sales team is holding its national sales meeting today and, according to the agenda which was obtained by WWD, the day began at 9:30 a.m. with opening remarks from Vogue general manager David Stuckey, as well as a digital business and app update from site director Ben Berentson.

Before lunch, the team listened to two “Winds of Change” panels. The first panel was dubbed “The Digital Iceberg — Navigating the Complex Path to Purchase” and was moderated by Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion, a company that boasts of creating “the world’s first fashion tech print magazine.”

Panelists included Jackie Trebilcock, managing director of The New York Fashion Tech Lab; GlamSquad cofounder and chief executive officer Alexandra Wilkis, and Melissa Gonzalez, ceo and founder of Lion’esque Group, a “new brand that guides clients throughout the entire life cycle of the ‘pop up experience.’”

Kindred hosted a second panel right after called “New Tech: AR/VR/3-D Printing — What Are They and Why Do They Matter?” (For those as uninformed as the agenda might suggest, AR stands for augmented reality and VR is virtual reality. We hope they know what 3-D printing is.)

That panel included Wearable Experiments founding member Billie Whitehouse; Karinna Nobbs, a digital storyteller at creative agency Holition, and Henrik Rydberg, director of user experience at Shapeways, a 3-D printing marketplace.

After a break for lunch (presumably an odorless, light one — it is Vogue), it was goodbye to the theoretical discussion and hello to real business. The sales team got a 30-minute business review, which included a year-to-date overview; some “competitive information” delivered by Vogue’s executive director of international fashion and business development Susan Cappa, and strategy updates from senior director of American fashion and beauty Marie Lafrance and fashion director Jamie Tilson-Ross.

Goals and road maps were later discussed and included the September issue print goal, as well as the third-quarter digital target.

At around 3 p.m., the sales side was welcomed to learn about colleagues’ day-to-day jobs — a session described as “interactive opportunities to learn our colleagues’ day-to-day functions and their impact on the team,” whatever that means — and at 4:30 p.m. they were due to reconvene to listen to “First Monday in May” director Andrew Rossi speak about the documentary that is about Vogue and the Costume Institute gala. Following his remarks, salespeople could learn how to create custom programs, how to execute the increasingly key branded content and how to pull data insights from data firms such as Comscore, Google Analytics and Parse.ly, all in order to push digital advertising on vogue.com.

Vogue chief revenue officer and publisher Susan Plagemann was set to close out the day before the team is then heading to a “bonding” dinner at Black Barn at 6 p.m.

Bon appétit — oh, sorry, different magazine!