Kendall Jenner’s profile just keeps growing. The model and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star, who already has 52 million Instagram followers and 16.3 million Twitter followers, now has an American Vogue cover — well, almost.

Vogue is giving Jenner her own special issue in April. This comes on the heels of rumors that Jenner was shot for Vogue. It is believed she will star in a video for the magazine’s Web site.

Long gone are the days when cover stars were judged solely on social status — now it’s social media status. Editor in chief Anna Wintour has dabbled with social media stars on the cover of Vogue, with the most surprising and controversial example in April 2014 when Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian posed with then-fiancé Kanye West. It had been long rumored that Wintour wasn’t eager to embrace the Kardashians, but times have changed.

Fast forward two years and, fresh off of sitting with the white-wigged fam at West’s mega Yeezy/Pablo production at Madison Square Garden, Wintour just might be eligible for Honorary Kardashian status. Jenner’s dedicated issue will come polybagged with Vogue’s April edition, which will feature Rihanna on the cover. Jenner’s 52-page issue goes out this week to New York and Los Angeles subscribers only, and it contains a mix of new and repurposed content, which focuses on the model’s social media reach. Readers can also access the Jenner issue at

Estée Lauder is the sole advertiser in the special glossy, with three ad pages from Estée Edit. Coincidentally (or probably not), Jenner is the face of the beauty brand, and she recently became a guest editor of Estée Edit, which courts younger consumers. Vogue emphasized that the issue is editorial — not sponsored content — and created by the magazine’s editors. What’s new really is the front of the book portfolio and single multipage feature on Jenner’s “brand”; the rest of the issue contains repurposed photos.

The cover shows the model in a Proenza Schouler cropped top and bikini bottom photographed by Mario Testino with the cover line: “The Kendall Effect 64M Followers and Counting.”

Inside, there’s a front of book fashion spread by Testino depicting the model in a host of summer looks, including a scarlet Michael Kors Collection faille dress, various swimsuit shots and a sportier shot of Jenner on a horse wearing a Marc Jacobs sweater and Eberjey bikini bottom.

The one — and only — story is written by Robert Sullivan, who followed Jenner around during New York Fashion Week, and it includes interviews with Karl LagerfeldEstée Lauder group president Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Tory Burch and Michael Kors, who compares the model to Ali MacGraw. Jenner’s brand power and social media tips are explored, in addition to a friendly exchange with NBA player Carmelo Anthony at a basketball court at Terminal 23 in New York.

Images accompanying the feature include shots by Theo Wenner. The story depicts Jenner with Anthony on the court, as well as the model with Burch in the designer’s New York studio. Jenner recounts her meeting with Burch, whom Sullivan identifies as the “seventy-third most powerful woman in the world, according to Forbes.”

After congratulating her on a February cover of WWD and other small talk, Burch asks: “Are you thinking of going to college?”

Jenner replies: “You talk to people and they say the reason they went to college was to get a job, but I already have a job, so…”

Jenner explained that seeing the world as a model has been a big part of her education. While rifling through Burch’s Tory Sport Line, the designer gives her two cents on being a businesswoman, after Jenner talks about her various projects.

“One of the things I always really stress is to start a foundation. I meet with entrepreneurs all the time, and this is something I always stress,” said Burch, who would go on to explain that she doesn’t like the words “brand or entrepreneur.”

Nodding, Jenner offered: “That’s got me thinking because that’s something my family has always been into, whether it’s charities or working at soup kitchens….I mean, I have a number of different issues I’m interested in, and I love animals.”

Jenner shot by Mario Testino.

Kendall Jenner shot by Mario Testino.