WOMEN ONLY: Here’s one benefit of being based out of Washington: you get to launch your new digital channel without any hurricane disruption. Atlantic Media, which has heavily invested on new verticals like Quartz, a business site, and the Atlantic Wire, a news aggregator, is courting women next with a new topic channel dubbed The Sexes. It was set to quietly launch Wednesday night. Helping guide coverage is Anne-Marie Slaughter, the author and former Hillary Clinton aide who had a viral hit on her hands with her “Why Women Can’t Have it All” cover story. Slaughter is also joining the magazine as a contributing editor. The Atlantic is following in the footsteps of other media outlets covering women’s interests with dedicated blogs or verticals, like New York’s The Cut and Buzzfeed’s Shift, and the growing cottage industry of books and articles about gender politics. Officially, the channel covers “gender dynamics in the workplace.” Contributors include several noted authors besides Slaughter, like Mark Oppenheimer, but one Atlantic veteran who won’t be blogging on it is Hanna Rosin. She already blogs about women and men at her Slate blog, The XX.