SUGAR FOR LUNCH: It’s a women’s-only power chow down at Michael’s on 55th Street in Manhattan today, organized for Lisa Sugar, founder and editor in chief of PopSugar, the entertainment and lifestyle Web site.

Sugar is in town from San Francisco and will be the guest of honor at a luncheon hosted by Jaqui Lividini of Lividini & Co. The event will be attended by Laura Dubin-Wander, president of Givenchy U.S.; Christine Quinn, president and chief executive officer of WIN; Melissa Beste, ceo of Interluxe Holdings LLC; Chantel Waterbury, ceo of Chloe + Isabel; Deborah Lloyd, president and creative director at Kate Spade; Katie Meyler, ceo and founder of More Than Me, and Time Person of the Year, recognized for her work on the front lines of Ebola; Lynette Harrison Brubaker of Lividini & Co., and Anna Fieler of PopSugar.