YouTube channels are still acquisition targets for all levels of media.

In a new deal, Urban One, through its subsidiary iOne, has acquired three YouTube channels founded and until now operated by Diana Madison and Raymond Attipa. The popular but still relatively niche channels are Hollyscoop, focused on celebrity culture; The Fumble, focused on sports, and Nerdwire, focused on comics and “geek culture” broadly.

The three channels have close to four million subscribers combined, which is sizable, but small compared to other channels that have recently been acquired, like children’s content channel Little Baby Bum, acquired last year. That buyer was a California studio-agency called Moonbeam and the channel now has 23 million subscribers.

With attention on YouTube’s size and reach increasing, the time seemed right for Madison and Attipa, a married couple, to sell the channels they started, the first of which, Hollyscoop, Madison started in 2007, when YouTube was nowhere near the media powerhouse it is today. They declined to specify the price of the deal, citing contractual limitations.

“When I started on YouTube, it was literally in beta,” Madison said, noting Hollyscoop started out of her parents’ garage. “I wanted to be on camera and no one would hire me, so I decided to start uploading YouTube videos to show people my on-camera interviewing skills.”

When she started doing red carpet interviews for the channel 14 years ago, saying they were for online-only, “people didn’t even understand what I was doing.”

“Now, you go to a red carpet event and every digital outlet has a position,” Madison said.

“When we began on YouTube, we didn’t have a single competitor,” Attipa added. “Now, the number of videos uploaded per minute is enormous. YouTube will continue to grow, however you need to be able to shift and constantly make yourself original in order to survive in the field.”

With the sale of the YouTube channels, Madison is also looking to focus on her podcast “Dream Big” and continue pursuing opportunities to act in film and TV.

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