MILAN — Luxembourg-based  Fashioneast has acquired the John Richmond brand, which will relocate from Milan to London.

The label was formerly controlled by Akkurate Ltd, which counted Saverio Moschillo as one of the main shareholders, with a 50 percent stake. The British designer John Richmond had a 35 percent stake.

“Saverio Moschillo and myself turned out to have a different vision on the direction of the label,” said Richmond in a statement. “I wanted to go back to my design roots and embrace the evolution that is taking place in the fashion industry, expanding the brand in the world of social and digital media. It is correct to say that Saverio and I are not working together anymore and that I appreciate what he has done for the brand in the past.

John Richmond will continue to present its men’s collections in Milan, while the women’s line may be unveiled in London.

Reached by phone Thursday, Moschillo sounded caught off guard, with no knowledge of a sale. “I don’t understand what he is saying,” Moschillo said, referring to Richmond. “I don’t know what he is talking about. Right now, I’m still the owner, we have never got in touch with this company. To use a metaphor, I feel like a wife and he is the husband who has abandoned the house — he has to pay alimonies.”

Moschillo also added that he is taking legal action and that starting next season, he will show a collection under the Richmond brand. “I’m taking out the first name, because what counts now is the brand,” he said.