With his final days at Financo nearing, “I feel melancholy. Sad in some ways, proud in some ways,” Harrison said. “I built Financo to be a force in the industry and it’s my hope that our team will continue to allow it to prosper.

“A lot of people have called me smart, but aggressive. In some cases, my aggressiveness, and I’m being very honest, can be extremely helpful to a deal. In other cases, it may not be. It’s pissed some people off. The fact is, that has been my style and I have survived these last 47 years.

“Perhaps one of the reasons why I have been aggressive is because I don’t want to lose a deal. The financial advisory business is my life. I love it. I love closing deals. I love meeting new people all the time. One of the reasons why I left law is that I didn’t like the legal writing parts of the law but loved the negotiations and the people you meet. This is my style.

“People ask all the time, ‘what do you really do?’ What I always say is that in reality, investment banking is a fancy name for high-class salespeople. We’re never more than that.”