Matt Kaden has joined MMG Advisors as a managing director. His role will be to develop the company’s e-commerce and contemporary market presence.

Kaden cofounded his own firm, Matter Strategic Advisors, which focused on helping companies strategically plan for business growth or exit. He facilitated strategic partnerships, including M&A, joint ventures and creative licensing to solve complex business challenges for his clients. It was during this time that he forged a strong working relationship with MMG.

Earlier, Kaden has worked at Avalon Net Worth as a director, Jones Apparel Group as a planning analyst and Kellwood Co.’s Lifestyle Alliance. He began his career in the merchant training program at Macy’s.

“The secret sauce and what sets MMG apart from everyone is we’re all former operators,” said Allan Ellinger, senior managing partner at MMG, a 27-year-old firm that provides investment banking, strategic and financial advisory services to clients in the retail, fashion, textile, home and jewelry and beauty sectors. “We all understand what drives our clients’ businesses, from sourcing and product development to all the elements that go into building and maintaining a company.”

Ellinger’s partners in MMG are Andy Postal, managing partner, and Howard Feller, partner. Last year the firm hired Mary Ann Domuracki as a managing director, who has been expanding the company’s overseas business.