A look from the NikeLab Rio collection.

Edited, a real-time data analysis company has released a report detailing the top trends in the activewear and ath-leisure market. The research reviewed a two-year period that covered more than 1,700 brands and retailers that stock 40,000-plus products falling into these sectors.

The study revealed that sportswear brands are dominating sales compared to the same period last year. Top brands included Nike, which held the top spot, earning 82 percent growth year-on-year. Under Armour secured the runner-up position, clocking in at 53 percent growth. Adidas was third, accruing a whopping 100 percent growth. New Balance grew 244 percent, logging fourth place, and The North Face finished out the top five with 40 percent growth.

The ath-leisure trend isn’t going anywhere, proven by the fact that more nontraditional brands are quickly ramping up their sportswear stock. Nontraditional retailers increased activewear by 87 percent from the second quarter of 2014 to the same period this year. The report also noted that fast-fashion chains Zara and H&M have launched in-house ath-leisure lines this year.

Look to footwear and crop tops when making sportswear buys, the report suggested. The research stated that “In the last two years, footwear continues to be the second most-stocked type of product (24.4 percent), just trailing behind tops (28.7 percent).” The research found that activewear crop tops have increased as well, growing 112 percent from the third quarter of 2014 to the same period this year.

As consumers pledge to get fit in the new year, expect legging sales with likely spike in January. According to the report, “leggings grew 198 percent from January 2014 to January 2016 with an average of 160 percent increase in full-price sell-outs.”

But don’t count out denim. The study said, “U.S. retailers evaluated…increased their denim jeans offerings by 30 percent and saw a 49 percent increase in full-price sell-outs.” Though ath-leisure is a top producing trend, denim serves as a continuous staple. With the influx of skate-influenced trends, jeans might begin to take even more precedence to fad-focused shoppers.