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For ad effectiveness as measured by the ABX Advertising Benchmark Index, Amazon Inc., Macy’s Inc. and Target Corp. were among the top performers for October.

According to ABX in its report, major retailers ran 595 new ads in October, and many scored well with the research firm’s new Gender Equality Measure, “which means the advertisers are portraying girls and women in respectful ways,” the company noted, adding that the GEM impacts several of the other measures in the index such as “Reputation” and “Action.” The company added the GEM last month as part of the #SeeHer hashtag effort from the Alliance for Family Entertainment as well as the Association of National Advertisers.

The ABX Advertising Benchmark Index includes 14 variables, with a score of 100 being equal to “average effectiveness.” ABX said several major retailers delivered effective ads during the month that scored well over 100 while the same companies saw campaigns in other channels miss the mark. For October, some of the most effective ads were launched by retailers such as Macy’s, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Kohl’s Corp., Kroger, J.C. Penney, Best Buy and Toys ‘R’ Us, among others. ABX noted that some of the least effective ads across media channels were from CVS, Gap Inc., Best Buy, Walgreens and Fry’s Electronics.

Click here to see a chart of the ABX October Ad Report.

For television, the number-one ad was Amazon Echo Dot “Just Ask” spot. It scored an overall ABX Index measure of 133. ABX researchers described the ad as a “fascinating spot with off-screen actors asking the Amazon Echo Dot questions that are humorous to the situation — such as losing jewelry down the garbage disposal, capturing a spider and wondering how many minutes are in 18 years in relation to a baby making a mess of spaghetti.”

“This ad scores a strong +33 percent over norm in the overall ABX Index; a very high +103 percent in Reputation, and a great +53 percent in Action,” ABX said. “Within Action, all options for researching the product further scored extremely high, but Purchase was lower, at only 6 percent over norm.”

The researchers noted that for average TV scores for the month, Amazon didn’t fare well despite the strong performance of this ad. Overall, it placed 14th out of 18 major retailers measured.

For radio, Target delivered the most effective ad with the “Imagine hearing that your child has cancer…” spot. Its ABX Index score was 117 and had a whopping 201 “Reputation” score. In the ad, ABX said “a female voice asks listeners to imagine their child has cancer or Sickle Cell Disease and how terrible that would be. That’s why Target is teaming up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Interestingly, Awareness and Message are only about average, but the association with St. Jude’s drove high Action subset scores in Intent to Contact, Research the Web, Recommend and Talk About it.”

For print ads, “Macy’s teaming up with Breast Cancer Research Foundation” campaign scored the best with an ABX Index reading of 116. “This simple black-and-white ad shows how Macy’s is helping in the fight against cancer,” ABX said. “Of note is the new Gender Equality Measure, which evaluates how respectfully girls and women are presented in advertising. At +16 percent over norm, Macy’s has done a good job with this ad, showing a female with a healthy figure walking for the cause.”

In the digital realm, J.C. Penney’s “Biggest Sale of Them All” spot was number one. The ad’s ABX Index score was 129. ABX said for the month, J.C.Penney ranked third out of 19 digital retailers placing major campaigns.

In the free-standing insert category, Kohl’s “Columbus Day Door-Busters” was number one with an ABX Index of 122. ABX researchers said the retailer did a “good job of messaging,” which pushed other measures in the index up. “Also helping those scores is the 109 Gender Equality Index, which means Kohl’s is doing better than average in portraying its female models with respect.”

For out-of-home ads, Best Buy was top with its “Prices Matched, Miles Saved” billboard ad. It had an ABX Index score of 110.

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