Like father, like son?

Alex Drexler, of the apparel brand Alex Mill, will launch an e-commerce Web site on Tuesday. Drexler, whose father is J. Crew chief executive officer Millard “Mickey” Drexler, will be following the national and now international retailer’s lead — targeting consumers online in the past few seasons.

The Web site took nine months to develop and another six months to launch. It will mirror the business’ flagship on 268 Elizabeth Street in New York, which Drexler described as “vintage with a modern aesthetic. It’s clean, very focused, and fun — we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” he said.

The site will be free of flash pages, which Drexler said are “too complicated,” and will be straightforward, sans the bells and whistles with strong editorial components.

The e-commerce business will offer items including chinos for $165, Japanese selvage denim for $145, a range of shirts from $145 to $165 and accessories such as an indigo scarf and bandana. The site will also carry nonbranded accessories from Japan, cotton socks from Ponte de Pie for $38, and leather accessories including camera straps, key chains, and aged leather, from Teha’Amana, for $100 to $200.


Drexler began his career working for Theory president Andrew Rosen before starting his own line, now carried in retailers including Barneys New York and Odin. He stressed that his father has no association to the business either financially or strategically. “It doesn’t matter who you know or who you’re related to,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s how good the product looks. You can open doors yourself, but if it doesn’t look good then people don’t think about it much. If there’s no emotion in your clothes people won’t care.”

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