YouGov has released the findings for its 2017 U.S. “buzz rankings” for brands across different categories, as well as the overall top 10 brands list.

The brands were ranked using a “buzz” score after asking respondents if they’ve heard about the brand in the last two weeks — through advertising, news or word of mouth — and whether it was positive or negative. YouGov said a brand must be tracked for “at least six months” to be included in the rankings. A brand also must be tracked for six months in the year-ago period in order to appear in the improved list category. was ranked the top “buzz” brand across all categories. It was followed by Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google for the top five slots. Rounding out the top 10 were Nike, Dawn, M&M’s, iPhone and Apple.

YouGov said Amazon earned the top spot on YouGov’s BrandIndex’s annual list of brands that generated the most positive buzz among the American public for the fifth consecutive year.

In the retail apparel category, the number-one ranked buzz brand was Old Navy, followed by Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Men’s Wearhouse and Forever 21. The top brand showing the most improvement was Abercrombie & Fitch, followed by New York & Co.

For apparel and footwear brands, Nike was the top brand, followed by Skechers, Adidas, Levi’s and New Balance. Adidas was also the most improved brand in 2017, followed by Puma and Calvin Klein.

Among the discounters, was the overwhelming top brand, with Amazon Prime not too far behind. Rounding out the top five were Costco, Target and eBay. The company considered most improved in the “buzz” rating world was Wal-Mart, beating out Target, Sam’s Club, Dollar General and Ross Stores.

Also included was the Internet Social Media category, where YouTube easily beat out Pinterest for the number-one spot. Following on Pinterest’s heels were Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Instagram listed as the top ranked most improved brand in the category.

For Internet searches, Google was the number-one search engine. Others so far down on the scale that they were almost like “also rans” were Yahoo, Bing and

In hair and skin care, the top five brands were fairly close in ranking, with Dove ranked number one. Rounding out the top five were Bath & Body Works, Neutrogena, Head & Shoulders and Olay. Dove was also the brand ranked most improved in its buzz rating.

Other categories include airlines, consumer electronics, dining at quick service restaurants, travel cruises and spirits.