Amazon is now in Mexico.

The company said today that it is launching its business-to-consumer platform, Selling on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon, in Mexico. The Web site allows “businesses of all sizes to list and sell their products at”

“At launch, has the largest selection of items in Mexico, with millions of unique items available to customers for local delivery,” the company said in a statement. “Mexican customers searching for local or imported items will be able to browse and purchase products available from Mexican businesses and online sellers.”

Local delivery has been problematic for many companies doing business in Mexico, but the company said it is offering its Fulfillment by Amazon program for sellers in the country. “With the program, sellers utilize Amazon storage and shipping expertise to cost-effectively and efficiently get their products to customers,” the statement continued.

Overall, Mexico has been a challenging market for many businesses, and from an economic perspective, the country’s economy is closely tied to the U.S. In a Focus Economics report last week, analysts at the research firm said “Mexico’s economy failed to take off at the beginning of the year. A slowdown in both the manufacturing and construction sectors as well as weak economic activity in the U.S. caused [gross domestic product] growth to moderate in [the first quarter]. More recent data, however, suggest that Mexico’s economy is slowly gaining traction in [in the second quarter].

According to data from Statista, apparel is the third-largest online product category in Mexico behind computer software and computer hardware.