Target mused that since Target Corp.’s stores has a loyal following — where 30 million people shop weekly — why not crunch the data and see where Target has the most units per capita?

The site compiled a list of the top stores per capita, which can be found here, and coming out on top was Knoxville, Tenn. with one store per 37,469 residents, followed by Pittsburgh, Pa. with one per 37,801 and then Allentown, Pa. with one per 40,428. This list was paired with the site’s rental data.

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“Minneapolis may be home to Target headquarters, but that chilly city’s got nothing on this warm Southern town,” researchers on the web site said of Knoxville. “A relatively low population for its five Target stores puts Knoxville firmly on the top of our list. Better yet, rent is one of the lowest on our top 10. Just think of all the Target finds you can fill up your cart with when your rent is only $903 a month for a one-bedroom place.”

With Pittsburgh, the researchers on noted that the city is located “on the opposite side of the state from Allentown” and that “the ‘Burgh is home to eight Targets — oh yeah, and the Steelers. We’re much more excited about getting dibs on Target’s best bargains, thanks to the city’s favorable Target-to-resident ratio. Rent in Pittsburgh is on the higher side of our top 10, coming in at around $1,311 for a one-bedroom.”

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