The survey found shopping to be therapeutic.

In its latest consumer survey, San Francisco-based online cash-back and coupon company found that most consumers engage in so-called “retail therapy” and the number-one item they buy when feeling down is apparel.

Overall, 85 percent of teens and 86 percent of adults said shopping made them happy.

The Ebates Spring Shopping Survey, which polls consumers across the U.S., revealed that “retail therapy is still a good pick-me-up, with 96 percent of adults and 95 percent of teens admitting that they participate in retail therapy.” The survey also found that seeking deals is a big deal for most adults. Seventy percent of adults and 61 percent of teen said they hear about new brands on TV. chief executive officer Kevin Johnson said, “When it comes to retail therapy and online shopping, happiness is just a click away. Our survey confirms that Americans enjoy shopping and that buying things makes them happy.”

Regarding product categories “when indulging in retail therapy,” 56 percent of adults and 68 percent of teens “agree that buying clothing makes them feel the happiest,” the company researchers said in their report.

After apparel, the top retail therapy purchases by adults ranked by what makes them happiest include: entertainment; travel; electronics/technology, and furniture/home decor. For teens, the preferences are: electronics/technology; entertainment; travel, and furniture/home decor.

So, shopping makes people happy, but is it better than food? “More than one-third of American adults say that shopping makes them feel better than eating pizza, followed by working out, 36 percent, and [eating] ice cream or other sweets, 34 percent,” the company said.

And with teens, shopping won out over eating ice cream “or other sweets, 37 percent, working out, 36 percent, or [eating] pizza, 35 percent.”

The survey also found that online shopping as an activity relieved boredom for adults and teens alike.

Meanwhile, 87 percent of adults and 90 percent of teens “admit that there is a trigger that motivates them to shop,” with 45 percent of adults “revealing that the changing of the seasons most motivates them and teens, 47 percent, stating that the back-to-school season motivates them to make new purchases.”