Atelier Notify's embroidered denim jacket.

Arriving early to the personalization party, Atelier Notify staked a claim to the growing trend and consumer demand for individualized and one-off apparel.

The French bespoke jeans maker operates an in-store shop at Le Bon Marché in Paris, made-to-measure and freestanding stores in Paris, and a boutique in Milan.

Now, add Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan to the list of distribution points. The retailer this week unveiled a 320-square-foot Atelier Notify shops-in-shop with a mini denim design studio in the center of the space encased in metal-framed glass.

Bergdorf’s shop offers made-to-measure denim services in the sartorial tradition, with tailors on hand to help with designing and personalizing jeans. Shoppers can choose from a variety of cuts, fits, fabrics, washes and threads.

While the Atelier Notify boutique is dedicated to denim, the space also serves as a customization hub for any product purchased at Bergdorf Goodman. Stylists and tailors at the shop, which is the only one of its kind in the U.S., employ various techniques to make items unique, including embroidering initials or words, laser printing, hand painting and applying patches, studs and eyelets, among other things.

“Embroider initials on a belt loop or hide a word of love in a pocket,” Atelier Notify’s web site suggests, noting that shop staff members are directed to indulge customer requests “from the fashionable to the craziest inspiration.”

Maurice Ohayon, who in 2003 founded Atelier Notify, launched the brand after working in the denim industry for 25 years. His mother, a men’s tailor, who worked at home, measured her customers and advised them on the styles best suited to their body types, then cut muslin patterns for their fittings. Ohayon created denim labels Fetish, Western Passion and Seven7, before launching Notify.

Atelier Notify, which is manufactured in Italy, for spring features jean jackets decorated with tigers and flowers; cuffed jeans with a few well-placed blooms; sweaters with a whimsical bird on the front, and a pair of birds dancing across a T-shirt.

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