Ayr, the direct-to-consumer women’s brand known for its denim and outerwear, will open its second Manhattan location Thursday for the holiday season. The 650-square-foot shop, at 958 Lexington Avenue at 70th Street, will remain open through February.

Ayr Inc. spun off from Bonobos Inc. in 2014 to focus on fueling its growth and scaling its brand. Ayr opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in December. Known as the Ayr Pop Shop, that permanent store is located at 199 Lafayette Street, and was the company’s first venture into street-level retailing. The retailer stocks Ayr essentials in addition to limited-issue and exclusive pieces not available on the web site. It launches products weekly. The company rolled out the Ayr Beach House this summer in Sag Harbor, N.Y., which was open from May to September.

Ayr Uptown will carry an assortment of denim, outerwear, sweaters and silk separates. Retail prices are $125 for chambray shirts and silk tops, $175 to $275 for denim, $485 for robes and $985 for an Italian wool coat.

“Ayr Uptown is yet another space for our founders and team to interact with customers in the physical world, and see up close and personal what their reactions are to the line and what their expectations are for the future. It allows us to revisit how we can create more of a service-oriented, stream-lined experience,” said Maggie Winter, Ayr’s cofounder and chief executive officer.

“No matter how digital our lives become, stores still matter. But they’re changing. Stores are getting smaller, staff is getting friendlier, assortment is getting more focused. Stores must do everything a site can’t. They have to listen. We’re excited to bring the energy and community of our downtown shop uptown,” she added.

Zandy Reich, president of Ayr, added, “We see more than ever that brands have become out of touch with their customers — we know it’s important for every person in our company to interface with the customer, so we are staffing both Ayr shops with our core team,” added Ayr president Zandy Reich. “Capitalizing on our busiest time of year, we are tripling down on what we do well. New York is our biggest market, holiday is our biggest sales period and we have by now established iconic products that drive the majority of our business. We are excited to bring Ayr to life to a new audience on the Upper East Side, it’s a source of discovery for both the brand and the customer.”

Ayr will be open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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