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Beauty e-tailer B-Glowing has relaunched its Web site with a more streamlined aesthetic and easier, customer friendly navigation.

For the initiative, there was strong focus placed on shifting the site into a lifestyle destination, with new features like product and tutorial videos. According to B-Glowing founder Lisa James, “With this launch, [we’re] really trying to take things a step further — we want to be inspirational and aspirational.”

Among the site’s new elements are much larger product images with zoom capability, the introduction of a men’s category and a multifaceted search tool enabling customers to filter selections by skin concern, fragrance note, formulation and more. There are also new shopping exclusives planned, including $15 seasonal fragrance flights, which offer six samples and a coupon for 20 percent off.

James, a “lifelong beauty junkie and disappointed online consumer,” said, “The goal is to become a destination spot so women want to hang out, discover and learn more about themselves. We wanted to make it something women [would] really enjoy. Beauty products should be fun, powerful and engaging.”


With a priority set on becoming an online “hangout” location, the e-commerce site now contains a “magazine page” with content from B-Glowing TV (informational product and tutorial videos) and its blog. Later this year, customizable profiles will provide customers with product recommendations correlating to three beauty archetypes (b-natural, b-classic, and b-creative). The final addition, debuting in early 2013, will be the Beauty Book, which will allow users to browse and share inspirational quotes, images and product selections through a number of social networking sites.

B-Glowing’s new slogan, “make beauty,” refers to the customer’s journey of discovering and being inspired by new products as a way of personal expression. Offering luxury brands, hard-to-find and under- the-radar products for eight years, the site — now compatible with all mobile devices — will continue to include three free samples with any purchase, free shipping on orders over $75 and hassle-free returns. “I love the overall look and feel [of the redesign],” James said. “It’s not just an over-the-counter experience, it’s a luxury experience.”