For its new Web site, Benefit Cosmetics is taking a novel approach to communicating to, and solving the needs of, its customers.

In addition to a new Web site now live in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany, it plans to introduce sites in 40 more countries over the next three years. Each site will be in the local language and currency.

In addition, said digital senior vice president Valerie Hoecke, a new “Beauty Banter” section — which provides related user-generated content on the bottom of each product page — will be manually curated and localized to show women who reflect the local customers. The changes were guided by the goals of reaching more countries and creating a mobile-first experience, as most e-commerce customers are using a mobile device, said Hoecke. (The site is responsive, meaning it automatically re-formats to accommodate the device on which the customer is browsing.)

“The next stage,” Hoecke said, “is getting closer to the customer by showing women who are like them; whether that’s an influencer in Dubai versus Seoul or Shanghai.”

It’s also taking a page from the skin-care playbook by allowing customers to shop by dilemma — albeit in the cheeky parlance of the brand: “Brows Behaving Badly,” “Eyes Misbehavin’” and “Skin Woes.” According to Hoecke, these categories are the product of research including the most-searched topics according to Google, and interviews with store staff members to find the most common problems.

According to statistics shared by the company, which tested the dilemma solver on its old site, the Beauty Dilemma tool resulted in a three-time increase in time spent on the site and 2.3-times increase in conversions. To create 44 Web sites by the end of 2017, Benefit added three new staff members.

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