NEW YORK — Bergdorf Goodman Men has opened the first full-line Bottega Veneta in-store shop at its Fifth Avenue men’s store. 

The 500-square-foot shop on the third floor brings together the company’s accessories and ready-to-wear in one location and also includes furniture designed by Bottega’s creative head, Tomas Maier.

“We had the line in different places throughout the store,” said Margaret Spaniolo, senior vice-president and GMM of men’s for Bergdorf, “but it’s now at the point in its evolution that we were ready to put it together.” 

The shop also allowed the store to increase the amount of accessories, particularly the best-selling neckwear and jewelry, and offer items with higher price points. 

“Bottega Veneta offers another notch of luxury for Bergdorf Goodman,” added Tommy Fazio, the store’s men’s fashion director. “Tomas Maier’s aesthetic is elegant and understandable but with its own personality.” 

The area was formerly a multi-vendor room, but Fazio said the decision was made to “give it a point of view.” 

Spaniolo said the men’s team felt is was important to give Bottega its own unique space now, in advance of the company’s planned renovation of the third floor at the end of the year. Although details have yet to be finalized, the floor, which houses advanced designers, is expected to be renovated beginning in November and continuing through August 2009. The floor will be renovated in three parts so that selling can continue during the work, they said. 

The plan calls for opening up windows onto Fifth Avenue, capturing some backroom stock space and creating a more-open feeling by removing walls and breaking down shops. “This is the original floor from when we opened the store in 1990,” Spaniolo said. “It’s held up well and I think we’ve managed to keep it fresh and current, but it’s time for an update.” 

Following the renovation, she said, the merchandise offerings will remain the same and there will be additions. 

“Our DNA is very special and we won’t change it,” Fazio said. “We’ll just expand on it.” 

But before the big third-floor revamping, Bergdorf is rejiggering its second floor to prepare for the first in-store shop for Tom Ford. The boutique will span most of the length of the back of the floor—flanked by Ralph Lauren Black Label and Thom Browne’s exclusive tailored clothing—and will be just under 1,400 square feet. “It goes under construction in a couple of weeks,” Spaniolo said, noting that much of the mill work is being done off-site. 

The shop will include all of the designer’s products as well as a dressing lounge. “It will have the whole romance of Tom Ford,” she said, noting that it will be “a mini-version of his [Madison Avenue] store.”