Bloomingdale’s is going country by teaming with singing duo Maddie & Tae on a collection for the store’s private Aqua brand.

“They’re superfun pieces…stuff that’s hip without screaming ‘fashion victim,'” said Maddie Marlow. “We don’t want our clothes to wear us, but we do want to wear clothes that say who we are.

“Aqua is dress up and dress down, go to school, go to work, go out kinda clothes,” added Taylor Dye. “No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, Aqua’s got you covered.”

Bloomingdale’s vice chairman Frank Doroff learned about Maddie & Tae through an article in WWD and was introduced to the artists through Marvin Traub Associates. The singing duo hit the charts with “Girl in a Country Song” and is up for another Country Music Award.

The initial collection will be available in the fall. “As creative artists, their influence and input feels like a strong fit for this line,” Doroff said. The collection hasn’t been named yet and it’s the first time Aqua teamed with a musical artist.

“Obviously, we’re not the kind of girls who’re obsessed with clothes and makeup,” said Tae. “But we want to look good. We have ideas about style and think your clothes can be cool without obsessing about it.”