Bradford Shellhammer is taking his curatorial skills to eBay.

The cofounder of and founder of, has joined eBay as chief of curation and merchandising officer according to his Facebook page. The move comes just six weeks after Bezar was acquired by Ahalife Holdings for an undisclosed amount.

Shellhammer launched last spring as a platform for emerging designers to reach consumers who are design enthusiasts. Initially, featured four different pop-up shops every day, however, in October, the Web site moved beyond the pop-up shop format to give artists and designers permanent storefronts.

When Ahalife acquired was announced Shellhammer’s role wasn’t specified. Ahalife, a digital marketplace for luxury items and designer products, said only that he would become an adviser to the combined company, and key members of the team would join Ahalife at its New York headquarters.

However, for the high-energy, hands-on Shellhammer, that role may not have been enough.

Bezar, at its launch, offered art, home products, jewelry and accessories, but Shellhammer in October said he was planning to move into apparel.

Ebay has been battling Amazon, which has been trying to raise its fashion profile. Amazon uses its superior technological capabilities to forecast what and how much of certain products to buy based on the purchases and searches of shoppers. Shellhammer’s experience as a style connoisseur and talent spotter  should serve him well at eBay.