Greater London House in London

LONDON – The British e-tailer Asos has revealed plans to create 1,500 additional roles within technology, marketing, content and retail in the U.K. According to the company, new employees will be hired over the next three years and will join the 2,500 workers at its London headquarters, located in Camden.

Situated in Greater London House on Hampstead Road, the Twenties Art Deco building has been the company headquarters for nearly a decade. The e-tailer said it has invested 40 million pounds, or $50.8 million, into designing a technologically enhanced work environment. The company has expanded its space and added 40,000 square feet for its new 250,000-square-foot office structure — while preserving its 10-foot Egyptian cat sculptures positioned in the front of the building.

The company has enlisted Spacelab — an interiors and workspace consultancy firm — to create a tech-friendly environment, which includes bespoke mobile technology where its software can map employees as well as product flow. Other plans include new gym facilities, a training academy, a library, cafés and a new auditorium. In addition the new space will provide a tech bar and concierge service for employees to assist with nonwork-related issues. The office structure will be designed for staff and guests with disabilities and will include wheelchair-accessible rooms and braille signs within the complex.

Asos customers are twentysomethings and so are most of its employees,” said Nathan Lonsdale, Spacelab partner. “Asos gets that a smart, young workforce needs a workspace that celebrates their needs and their talent. Flexibility and mobility are incredibly important when maximizing collaboration in a dynamic working environment like at Asos. The space will reflect the personality of the company and its bold ambitions for the future.”

With seven offices located globally, the company has invested 81 million pounds, or $102.8 million, in its Barnsley warehouse. The company has noted that it will invest a further 23 million pounds, or $29.2 million, there.

“Our people are what make Asos special. We are creating a workspace that fosters creativity, where they can enjoy what they do,” said Nick Beighton, Asos chief executive officer. “Greater London House is such an important part of the company’s history, as well as Camden’s, so I’m thrilled that we get to stay in our home, while building a workplace for the future.”